Corbett Announces 2012-13 State Budget Proposal

Corbett Announces 2012-13 State Budget Proposal


Gov. Tom Corbett presented his budget priorities for the 2012-13 fiscal year on Feb. 7 during a joint session of the state House and Senate, said Rep. John Payne.


“The governor’s address outlines his priorities for state spending in the upcoming year,” Payne noted. “The proposal is used as a starting point for developing a state budget plan in the House.”


The governor’s proposal would spend $27.138 billion, which represents a $22 million or a 0.1 percent reduction from last year’s (2011-12 budget). Corbett’s budget plan contains no new tax increases and proposes additional reductions in state spending over the previous year.


“In light of the current economic climate, the governor’s budget was a very conservative budget that leveled or reduced funding to a number of departments and programs,” said Payne. “I intend to closely examine the governor’s proposal in the next several months, focusing on the areas that impact the 106th District.”


The House Appropriations Committee is holding budget hearings throughout March to review each line item of the governor’s proposal. This process is the first in a series of steps the Legislature will take before a final budget is adopted by the end of June.


Conewago Township Receives Sewage Enforcement Grant

Conewago Township was recently awarded a grant in the amount of $1,399.04 from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to reimburse expenses for performing sewage enforcement provisions, said Rep. John Payne.


The grant was awarded under the Sewage Facilities Enforcement Grants Program and is used to reimburse 50 percent of the eligible expenses for performing the sewage enforcement provisions of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act.


The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act requires municipalities to enforce on-lot sewage system requirements, including evaluating and permitting new systems, properly repairing malfunctioning systems, and investigating complaints in a timely manner.

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